Dynamite Roasting Coffee

Dynamite Roasting. The People’s Coffee.

Coffee is what we do, but you are why we do it. The simple act of buying a cup of coffee can drive social change in the communities where our coffee is grown, and here at home. We’ve been 100% certified organic and fair trade since day one, but we strive to go beyond that. It’s really about relationships. We’re committed to our customers, our growers, our environment and to each other.

Plus, we really like coffee. Our mission is to track down the best coffee in the world. We work closely with our partners and growers to ensure the very best quality beans at a great price for our customers. These close relationships also allow us to make sure we’re best benefiting the communities that grow our coffee. That means providing a fair and living wage to our farmers, putting back as much goodness as we take from the soil, and having the smallest footprint we can. We want to know our growers. We want to know what is working for them, and what isn’t.

Coffee is like any other perishable food. It has a pretty short shelf life, so roasting it locally is important. A fresh ripe tomato tastes infinitely better than one that’s been shipped 2000 miles on a refrigerated truck. It’s no different for coffee. Concentrating on serving our immediate community, as well as other dedicated customers in the southeast allows us to roast in small batches, ensuring Dynamite Coffee is always fresh, from farm to cup.